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5.1.1 Corporate Parenting Strategy

This chapter contains the Brighton & Hove Corporate Parenting Strategy. The Strategy responds to a letter from children and young people who attended the ‘Our Choice’ activity days and includes the Brighton & Hove Pledge and Vision. The Forward notes:

This strategy demonstrates the commitment to you across Agencies and the Local Authority and will be a living document. We will work with every child and young person to ensure your needs are met and that we always listen to you.'

┬áBrighton & Hove’s Corporate Parenting Strategy: 2016-19


Statutory Guidance on the Roles and Responsibilities of the Director of Children’s Services and the Lead Member for Children’s Services For Local Authorities (2013)

DfE, Applying Corporate Parenting Principles to Looked-After Children and Care Leavers Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities, (2018)

The chapter was added to the manual in November 2018.