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4.1.6 Cherish


  1. Introduction
  2. Easter and Summer Holiday Play/Youth Schemes
  3. Term Time Youth Clubs
  4. Young Adults Group
  5. Bookings
  6. Costs

1. Introduction

Cherish was set up in the late eighties by parents and carers as Children's Extra Recreation In School Holidays to provide a service where there was none. The Youth Clubs were established in 1997 and Cherish became part of Brighton and Hove Council's Children's Disability Service in 2004. The Young Adults Service started in September 2006.

Cherish provides a quality play/youth service: fun for the sake of fun, that includes social integration and life skills, high degree of service user consultation, newsletters and Parents/Carer Advisory Committee.

2. Easter and Summer Holiday Play/Youth Schemes

St. Ann's Well Gardens, Hove

Operates four days a week, two days for younger age group and two days for older teens, 10.30 - 3.30 pm

All schemes are minibus based, with 1:1 staffing, with a maximum of four days provision per household at Easter and eight per household in the summer

Limited wheelchair provision.

Young Adults schemes (similar model to above) operates for one week at Easter and two during summer holiday when funding is available.

3. Term Time Youth Clubs

Brighton Youth Centre and Wellington house

Tuesdays (12 - 16 years)

Thursdays (16 - 19 years)

Both groups run from 6.30 - 9.00 pm

Activities change each term and include trips out

4. Young Adults Group

Wellington Street, Brighton

Mondays (19 - 25 year olds)

Run 6.30 - 9.00 pm

Provision based on Cherish model, extending a play/youth based service through the transition into Adult Services. Activities change each term and include trips out.

5. Bookings

Open to all young people who attend special schools and/or related colleges and those with learning disabilities requiring a play/youth service. Both chronological and developmental ages taken into account.

Parent/Carer or Social Worker referrals.

Easter bookings taken from end of February and Summer bookings taken from mid June.

The Youth Clubs and Young Adults Groups operate three terms annually and take enquiries all year.

Contact: Cherish office at the The Children's Disability Service, 55 Drove Road, Portslade, BN41 2PA. Telephone: (01273) 295530/295192

6. Costs

All households are invoiced at the end of a term or playscheme, based on attendance.

Playschemes: £14 / £10 per day

Youth Clubs and Young Adults £6 / £4.50 per session