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Procedures Manual for Brighton and Hove Children's Services

November 2018: Click here to view the latest changes.


This is a further review of the revised Procedures Manual. The Procedures Manual will be a ‘work in progress’ as legislation and regulation continues to develop and change. Therefore, some chapters are under review whilst due consideration on their development is made. Should there be any queries, staff should also consult with their line managers.

Additionally, some chapters link to key aspects in the Pan Sussex Child Protection Manual in Part 4.3 and staff should familiarise themselves with the contents of this Part of this manual so that reference to relevant information can be quickly made when needed.

Please note that the MASH is now referred to as the ‘Front Door for Families’. Whilst references have been amended throughout the manual, it is possible that there will be some material e.g. appendices, that still refer to the ‘MASH’. These will be updated in time, but these documents should still be used until otherwise advised.

Comment and contributions on the Manual are welcomed.

For further details, please contact Caroline Reid (

Please see the Quick Guide for details about the way this manual works.

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